Physicals For Employment Health Services At Urgent Care Centers

Did you know that urgent care clinics provide a variety of employment and health services physicals for individuals and families? You can get physicals as part of your own wellness program, or other needs common to the family such as:

oSports physicals
oSchool physicals
oDepartment of Transportation physicals
oimmigration physicals

You may need a physical for a specific reason, but the best urgent care clinics will view your physical as an opportunity to make your health and well-being their priority. They see the physical as the ideal opportunity to review an individual’s health status, because no matter why you visit an urgent care center, their goal is to screen for physical problems and provide preventative care. In that case of nearly every type of physical, in addition to the general exam, this typically includes a complete blood count, a chemistry panel, and a urine analysis.

Urgent care centers are an excellent place to get your pre-employment physicals on a walk-in basis. Pre employment physicals will allow your company to document an individual’s general health as well as their ability to perform specific jobs. They also serve to give the employee a sense of well-being, or alert the employee to any pending health concerns. You can also receive sports, school and camp physicals without making an appointment.

DOT physicals
The Federal government has mandated that commercial motor vehicle operator receive an annual and rigorous health evaluation in order to determine the operator’s ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle. The sole purpose of this exam is to detect the presence of physical, mental, or emotional defects that would affect an applicant’s job performance.

The test reviews the applicant’s complete health history; including any past or recent illnesses or injuries. Vision and hearing will be tested to ensure that the operator functions to federal standards. The DOT physician will also look for the following conditions:

oHeart problems
oHigh blood pressure
oMuscular or neurological disease
oDigestive problems
oRespiratory problems
oAny problems that involve the lungs, kidneys, or liver

DOT exams are stringent and highly regulated because they are done in the public interest.

Immigration physicals
Immigration physicals are necessary for anyone arriving in the United States for the purpose of applying for residency. The physical must meet the requirements of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). These particular exams must be performed by a qualified and approved physician.

Physical exams and Occupational Health Services in Germantown, MD
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From drug screenings to wellness programs, medical access companies offer a wide range of employment health services to support employers in maintaining a healthy, safe workforce, while reducing the costs of work injury treatment for your company and your employees.